Choose from a Selection of Metaverse Venues to fit your Use Case

Whether you are looking to improve your employee’s engagement, productivity or overseeing a smooth transition into your workspace, an enterprise metaverse can be moulded to suit whatever process your organization currently needs.

Learning Room

A classroom setting for educators and students to fashion a virtual school environment that competes with any physical class.

Board Room

A smaller setting, perfect for collaborating, hiring or reviewing employees in a controlled and efficient manner for your office space.


A metaverse platform optimized for helping you train or address employees in batches. In a way that's accessible for all and cost effective for the onboarding process.

There’s room for you on our Business and Education
Metaverse Platform


Remote Business

Discover new ways to connect with your employees through remote collaborations and keep the team going strong.


Remote Education

An Education Metaverse with cutting-edge remote collaborations – designed to help students learn and keep them focused online.


Virtual Gatherings

A space for anything – secure and interactive, in an environment prime for virtual gatherings and remote collaborations that let your enterprise grow.

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By shifting your company’s onboarding or training processes to a virtual platform set in a Metaverse, you can deliver an experience with several benefits that are all consistent and inclusive of your employees – regardless of their locations or if they're working remote.

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    Higher engagement rates

    with interactive elements in the metaverse work settings.

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    Accessible to all

    especially to those requiring visual or auditory support.

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    Cost-effective and efficient

    with fewer in-person meets, travelling or training materials.

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Modernizing Time-tested practices with Virtual technology

and Metaverse enterprise solutions.

First days, employee training, presentations – managing it all can be pretty tough overall. Beat the stress as you explore the right tools for your remote business processes and overcome limitations such as:

  • Low levels of engagement.

    If the training material or perhaps the process isn’t engaging enough, then your employees may struggle to retain information and perform poorly. But with a metaverse learning platform, they can:

    Optimize their skills for work

    Stay motivated longer

    Provide meaningful feedback

  • Passive Learning

    Lectures, one-sided presentations and online webinars may not be as effective in educating employees during either training or onboarding sessions. The Metaverse software for Edverse fixes this by:

    Using interactive elements.

    Providing realistic models and scenarios.

    Collecting feedback and assessing data.

  • One size fits all

    In the absence of interactive elements or lack of engagement, the training process might not suit your employees’ individual needs or learning styles. This approach is balanced through the use of the following:

    Remote collaboration and tools

    E-learning modules

    Virtual mentors

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Recruin case X Edverse

Discover how Recruin leveraged
the Edverse Metaverse Platform
to enhance Audience Engagement
and Expand Brand Awareness

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Explore the features of Edverse: A Metaverse platform enhancing productivity and connections.

Increased Immersion

Using digital assets and avatars in a fully-realized 3D environment for events, meetings or classes increases the immersive design of hosting sessions on a metaverse platform.

Remote Collaboration Tools

Use Metaverse communication tools to collaborate with other users over real-time voice, video and text chats. And share media presentations or digital files, clips, and recordings instantly with all attending.


Reduce costs and improve how resources are utilized with the switch to Virtual venues and Metaverse settings – and start hosting online conferences, webinars, and classrooms with a range of new benefits over in-person events.

Customizable Avatars

Choose from new, customizable avatars designed to help explore and interact on the Edverse Metaverse platform. With different styles and preferences to reflect using your online persona in any setting you host or join on the platform.

Improved Engagement Levels

The use of virtual venues and digital avatars, along with communication and media tools, ensures higher engagement rates amongst all who attend. As opposed to the square grids and 2D interfaces achieved using remote meetings’ software

Accurate and timely Feedback

Track user engagement, responses to surveys and polls, Q&A interactions and other metrics to measure the effectiveness of each session or class. Including the ability to generate reports that can help improve the user experience and provide a more personalized approach.

FAQs about Edverse as a Metaverse Platform for
Business, Education and Gatherings.

A Metaverse platform is a virtual online space that enables people to interact and engage – meet with one another remotely and from any place they choose. It can be used for various purposes, including virtual activities supported on the platform.

Hosting a virtual venue for an event of yours, or even as a remote business meeting on a Metaverse platform, will benefit you in several ways. Such as saving on venue costs, increased reach and accessibility, audience engagement, tracking your attendee’s behavior and preferences, and more.

A Metaverse for business can essentially fulfill a range of purposes, stemming from regular office work to occasional events or even activities. Purposes include the ability to host virtual meetings, webinars, or conferences. The platform can also be utilized for virtual team-building activities, collaboration, and processes such as training and onboarding of employees.

Yes, we most definitely can utilize many aspects of this platform, like with an education Metaverse. Like hosting classrooms in virtual venues or gathering spaces, delivering online courses, and also promote new and unique ways of e-learning through a Metaverse in education.

For anyone to connect to the Metaverse platform, all they’d need for access would typically include a computer or a laptop with stable internet. Depending on the event or activity, they might also require using a webcam or microphone to communicate.