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Edverse is the world’s largest education metaverse


The Need for an Education Metaverse

Edverse – A purposeful yet playful
education metaverse!

WHY Edverse and Why education in a metaverse?

We at Edverse believe in providing an experience that will help elevate the entire human population to a higher dimension of education.

Education in a metaverse has the power to unlock newer frontiers to assimilate, communicate and eternalize knowledge in a manner that facilitates – better, deeper & faster learning, like never before!

HOW is it any different from the current education system?

(A) In a metaverse education is not restricted by geographic location/s but instead allows anyone to learn whatever they desire from whoever they aspire, whilst facilitating access to a truly global peer group for all stakeholders.

(B) It replaces content in its existing avatar and a passive teaching methodology with a highly immersive, interactive and an inventive 3D experience.

(C) Does away with a linear progression of learning and accumulating knowledge and introduces an eco-system where one is exposed to subjects, skills and systemic enhancements and allows everyone to traverse parallel learning paths and provides umpteen opportunities for educators to create innovative courses across multiple domains.

(D) Makes an informed use of blockchain technology to capture & record every educational experience as well as issuance of course completion certificates.

WHAT does Edverse deliver?

Edverse presents a virtual education landscape that allows a user to traverse between futuristic education hubs to ancient education hubs as well as modern day education hubs wherein one can teach, learn, create and participate actively in a knowledge economy. Edverse brings the most advanced and immersive meta-classrooms that come loaded with inventive options to conduct a 3D learning experience between the educators and the learners.

The 4 Key Stakeholders of Edverse

With an eclectic community that comprises of Educators, Learners, Creators and the Promoters of education, Edverse offers umpteen interaction opportunities amongst each of these 4 stakeholders to drive a robust knowledge economy.


Learn whatever you desire from whoever you aspire.


Avail teaching opportunities with institutions and launch self-courses with Ed-NFTs.


Build, Own, Sell and Rent Institutions of Excellence and Virtual Learning Spaces.


Create Ed-NFTs that can be owned rented and sold by Educators and Learners alike.

Edverse Features

Decentralized Edscape

Powered by the Polygon and the Elysium blockchain every learning interaction and the legitimacy of everything that happens within the education landscape is now available on a public decentralized blockchain network with the help of smart contracts. The entire education history to the most legitimate NFT records are now available in a safe & secure way.

Metaverse Classroom & Variants

The most immersive classrooms ever ! Metaverse classrooms can be used in its various variants as future ready 3D classrooms, online conference rooms, a metaverse space to host all kinds of online competitions, host alumni meetups, conduct joint classes with partner institutions and come loaded with some amazing tech tools to power an amazing experience.

Ed-NFT 3D Library

Edverse brings you the world’s largest 3D library of educational assets. With over 25K educational assets available to educators and learners, education is sure to leapfrog to a higher dimension. The Ed-NFT 3D Library also allows a great platform for the creators of the world to showcase and sell their 3D assets, thus driving a knowledge economy between all stakeholders.

Stream on any device

Edverse brings you the power and the immersive experience of an education metaverse across various devices and most importantly a browser led experience that eliminated the need for expensive hardware. Thus, from providing an enriching educational metaverse experience via a browser to an desktop to a VR headset, Edverse ensures supports all mediums.


Edverse offers the most expansive education landscape that covers not just the linear progression in terms of school education, high school education, college education and higher education but also allows its users to traverse paths other than just subjects. With a keen focus on skills and systemic enhancements Edverse powers both linear and lateral growth.

EARN as your LEARN

Edverse brings amazing and rewarding economic models via its tokenomics where stakeholders can earn the EDV token and power their education journey. Learners for instance can participate in various and learn2earn initiatives, earn EDV tokens and use them to opt for various advance courses. Edverse rewards and plough backs to ensure sustained growth.


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Dr Padmakumar Nair

Dean, LM Thapar School of Management and Dean, Thapar School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Immersive learning through Edverse Meta classroom is giving students a platform for collaboration, where they meet in a gamified environment and feel a heightened sense of presence, and connection.

Neera M Singh

School Administrator, St Soldier Divine Public School, Panchkula

Most schools today find it difficult to get guest lectures from outside speakers, due to the inconvenience of travel and low engagement for younger students on online platforms. The Edverse Classroom changes that. It will bring better exposure to our students from an early age.

Soula Parassidis

CEO, Living Opera Performer, Entrepreneur and Producer

The future of learning is digital, and in the Music Industry, we believe that Edverse is the platform which brings in the right tools to enable teaching of skills. The popular platforms of today are very limited in their interaction, which can be overcome in the metaverse.

Matteo Ressa

Co Founder CEO-CTO, ChefPassport

At ChefPassport we are innovating to deliver the beast online learning experience for cooking. Edverse is the right partner for us to help cross the barrier of the physical realm and deliver a delightful experience for our customers.

Catherine Iglesias

Crypto Investor and Metaverse Enthusiast

Edverse, unlike a Decentraland or Roblox, has a real life use case for the metaverse, aside from scarcity. Valuations of the token look very different when you add in the usefulness of an Ed-NFT, and it will be exciting to see where they reach.

Nakul Gupta

Faculty in-charge Executive Graduate Programme Placements, MDI Gurgaon

For educational institutes, the Metaverse is a way to boost collaboration beyond physical constraints. The Edverse Meta Room can host placement drives, faculty conferences, alumni catch ups and lectures with international students from the comfort of the home.