Edverse Saga

The largest immersive, interactive and insightful education metaverse ever!

Edverse is brought to you by a seasoned team that comprises of doyens from the domain of education, gaming, 3D modelling and visualisation.


We are the sole ed-tech-sci organisation that combines the tenacity of gaming with the veracity of learning.

We bring to you the perfect amalgamation of gaming with deep rooted immersive, interactive and insightful learning experiences.

We were the first to

collaborate with

To bring AR and VR powered immersive experiences to over 2,00,000+ learners

To create the most sophisticated, advanced & scalable assessment architecture that builds on deep tech


For AR powered learning experiences, helping millions visualise complex concepts with ease

To create stunning visual narratives for these global education giants that engage & enrich

In principle, we are building
the mother of all metaverses

Learning is the first step that every civilization takes. Only after learning,
do they propagate to other worlds, based upon individual liking.

Edverse thus forms the ocean of decentralisation and immersive-ness from where,
all else shall flow in times to come.

Company Roadmap