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The Perfect Webinar Hosting Platform: Interactive. Accessible. No confines

Hosting webinars virtually can go a long way in building trust that your sponsors and patrons believe. Where you can launch new products, provide training or build your network without:

  • One-sided engagements

    In a digitized setting, online webinars become interactive like in-person events, right down to the actions and discourse you would expect.

  • Missed opportunities

    Watch participants pour in from remote corners with our webinar hosting platform delivering improved accessibility.

  • Being stuck in grids

    Escape the confines of the boxes on a screen as you present to audiences in actual seats and expand to 3D spaces.

Cut the edge with Virtual technology for Online Webinars

With an immersive 3D experience for your online meetups that your audience will love and deliver the results you need.

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Create unique and unforgettable experience with a virtual webinar platform

Move away from boring presentations and live streams. Start hosting virtual summits and delivering virtual presentations that heighten interactivity through gestures, avatars and digital environments that are proven to leave a lasting impression on your audience while staying data-driven and cost-effective.

  • Designed as a web experience where anyone can join the virtual seminar through their browsers

  • Attend virtual summits and interact as Avatars that are completely customizable in looks and appearance.

  • Choose from various templates or build from scratch with webinar software that suits your needs

  • Engage with your audience in Virtual Seminars through Q&A sessions, polls, live group chats, and surveys.

  • Gain valuable data with Metaverse summits, on attendance, participation rate, and follow-ups at a fraction of the infrastructures and resources

Virtual Presentations that are Visibly different


Say they love participating throughout the full event


Cost reductions are seen as more switch to virtual webinars.


Of cases with awkward presentations and meets reported per day.

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Say hello to frictionless communications with the Webinar Platform

Take a look at how webinars in virtual shared spaces like webinar plaform can take shape today and how can they help the organizers and participants.

Global Remote Connectivity

Host virtual webinars or events effortlessly in a room of digital attendees from far away.

Complete Global Outreach

Launch demos, train employees, and expand your network to connect with others while on a webinar hosting platform.

Stay in control of your Online webinar with
a slew of new features and virtual trinkets

Digital Avatars

Digital Avatars

The audience and organizers can join the Virtual seminars using 3D avatars of themselves. Each avatars look can be customized per a user’s wish, as they can swap out the clothes, hairstyle, color, and appearance while signing up or attending webinars.

Spatialized Voice

Spatialized Voice

Mimicking real life, the audio has been adjusted to get louder and quieter as a user moves closer or nearer to other users who are speaking at each virtual seminar they attend.

Customize each Event

Customize each Event

The architecture behind each seminar hosted online can be customized to change the environment, allowing for smaller or larger places, seating arrangements, display screens, advertisements, and more. At the same time, you can meet your audience and regulate the tone of the virtual space.

Presentation tools

Presentation tools

Retain all the important tools you use to present at sminars, such as pointer, sticky notes, screen- sharing, powerpoint slides, charts, and images. And use them to whip up some stellar virtual presentations while hosting webinars on Edverse.

Enagage with the audience

Enagage with the audience

Use the aid of surveys, Q&A events, polls, and chats to interact with your listeners and patrons. Plus record their responses and any other useful data such as attendance, click-throughs, and follow-ups for future reference.

Immersive design

Immersive design

Enjoy beautiful room designs and scenries that are made for an inclusive and equal experience for everyone onboard - Adaptable for all, regardless of communication styles and language while allowing participants to stay immersed using a range of gestures and actions similat to in-person seminars.

Recruin case

Edverse Virtual Webinar Elevates
Online Presence for Global

Explore and learn more about how Edverse helped Recruin overcome challanges and helped boost their engagement levels within their community and audiences. Along with how they achieved their goals, drive by meaningful results, and enhanced their customer experiences.


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Common FAQs about Virtual
Webinar Platforms

A virtual webinar platform is a software tool that enables users to host webinars that are 3D and not locked to 2D webinars. It has all the typical services of online seminars and includes added features such as digital avatars, 3D environments, interactive tools and gestures making any event hosted on the platform highly immersive for the audience.

Virtual onboarding refers to the initial training and introductory phase rolled out by an organization for employees who have been newly hired into the company.

A key difference that separates virtual onboarding from in-person onboarding is that the former is cost-effective and much more engaging. Plus, it is more accessible and can be useful to reach remote workers or on separate occasions.

To access the Metaverse through Edverse, all you need is a computer system with a working connection and a browser installed. It’s that simple!