Immersive Learning: The best way to transform your skill learning on a Virtual Training Platform.

Improve your business without burdening your budget: Using Metaverse Training on Edverse and our Modular programs.


Upskill Anytime, Anywhere with a Dynamic Virtual Training Platform.

Create a future ready workforce with a virtual training software that adapts easily to
today’s business environments


Train for all stages

From freshers to senior employees, leaders and executives, Edverse will help you the best training outcome for all stages.

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Customize what employees learn.

Aside from standard or common training courses, you can also opt for training programs specific to your industry or create them from scratch with the virtual training program.

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Personalized Sessions.

Deal with learners having different learning needs and routines quickly with personalized sessions. And pay attention to slow learners using immersive learning for increased efficiency.

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Regular assessments and reports.

You can rely on our online virtual training platform to conduct employee assessments and provide you with detailed reports, in addition to our delivery of training and skill development.

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Improve Employee Retention, address skill Gaps with our Virtual Training Platform.

Edverse helps you identify the capabilities of your current workforce. And focus on developing essential skills through innovative programs on our virtual training software that caters to various industries and fields.

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Feature highlights of
Virtual Training on Edverse.

The platform on Edverse is well-equipped to provide training experiences with its virtual training program that are comprehensive, engaging as well as efficient. Prime for employee as well as administrative outcomes for any organization.

  • Overall interactiveness

    Employees joining a session can also see the use of tools such as chat rooms, discussion spaces, digital media and customized assets to improve engagement levels on the digital training platform.

  • Collaboration tools

    The training sessions on the digital training platform can also see the use of tools such as chat rooms, discussion spaces, digital media and customized assets to improve engagement levels.

  • Automated workflow

    Tasks and other work essential for the Metaverse training sessions can be automated to streamline the process to reduce the administrative burden.

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Why Edverse Virtual Training Software is the Ideal Choice

for your Enterprise?

Upgrading to the next step, from remote learning to virtual learning, is vital for an enterprise to stay competitive and keeps its teams ready for future success.

  • Skill Gap

    Solve the skill gap issue within teams using specialized programs on our virtual training platform.

  • Business Goals

    Ensure that skill development activities are aligned with your business goals, even with dynamic work conditions using our Remote training software.

  • Employee Engagement

    Acquire and retain top performers by
    boosting engagement levels through
    immersive learning.


Watch how Metaverse Training on Edverse can help your Enterprise.

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Access the features of Virtual Learning primed
for your company’s drive to succeed.

Customizable Environments

Customizable Environments

Customize your 3D environments to reflect company culture and branding quickly & easily during Virtual Training.

3D Model-Led Training

3D Model-Led Training

Unravel your product with 3D models for immersive learning, which can be manipulated, animated, or expanded with a control dashboard.

Real-time feedback and Analytics

Real-time feedback and Analytics

Get data-driven insights on our remote training software, through real-time quizzes, raising queries & post-performance feedback, which will help measure better training ROI

Company Security

Company Security

No conversations from virtual training sessions are saved, and we conduct regular security and compliance testing. We take your security & privacy very seriously!

Familiar Presentation Tools

Familiar Presentation Tools

Utilize your existing content of Slides, Videos or applications by Screen-Sharing, Chat, or any browser tools.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Plug Edverse into your existing website or LMS with our API integration tools.

Visibly different


Say they love interacting through avatars.


Improvement in the workflow as training became uniform.


Increase in employee retainment after acquisition.

Start hosting virtual training with Edverse today!

Some Frequently asked questions about
Edverse Virtual Training Platform

Edverse helps trainers deliver immersive, interactive presentations with various tools. It helps trainees engage better using 3D models and live environments. In short, it makes training fun and engaging!

Edverse can be accessed through any laptop browser. All you need is to sign up, schedule a session and share with your trainee batch!

Traditional platforms have limitations of engagement. Something as simple as at a time only one person can talk. In the metaverse, everything is in 3D, including the audio! You can talk, walk, meet and greet. Edverse helps level up your virtual interaction and overall delivers a better experience!

To use the remote training platform of Edverse, you must access the platform by a browser, through a laptop or personal computer. It cannot be accessed on mobiles or through tablets to preserve the experience and accessibility