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(1 Month access)

For 10 hours per month worth of sessions

$500 / 25 hr

(1 Month access)

For 10 hours per month worth of sessions

Everything in Basic Package

  • Billed at $20 per hour
  • Perfect for ocassional small events, meetings, onboarding or training - plans up to 50 concurrent users
  • Includes training room, and boardroom with option to break out into spaces
  • Easily upload logos, images, and videos
  • Admin dashboard and in-world support
  • 3 parallel screens for multimedia usage


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The pricing would depend on usage


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Everything in Enterprise Package

  • Your own virtual world that supports multiple users
  • Perfect for corporations, event companies, and universities
  • Work with our team to design your own custom 3D environments


($500 / 25 hr)

For 25 hours per month worth of sessions


($1800 / 100 hr)

For 100 hours per month worth of sessions

Avatar & Communication
Personalize and dress your avatar
Emotes, dances, and celebrations
Spatialized virtual spaces
Text chat, and private messages
Add a query and upvote
Quiz and Feedback share for engagement
Presentations & Media
PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides support
Webcam and screensharing
Play videos or livestream through YouTube/LinkedIn
Support for any web application compatible with Google Chrome
Community Access
Free community events, concerts, meetups, and workshops
Email guest list
Restrict access to your Space with a list of emails
Add Roles and Organisation
Dedicated server
Experience greater stability and performance
Password-protected access
Restrict access to your Space with a password
Report Abuse
Admin can block and ban users from a Space
Shut down a Space
Restrict all users from entering your Space when not in use
Delete a Space
Permanently remove your Space and Space contents
Space analytics (Monthly subscriptions only)
Report & analyze data about users of your session

For Early Stage Startups

For Early-Stage Startups Are you a newly launched business wanting to try metaverse for your usecase? Edverse for Startups is meant for you. Focus on building and launching your product, while we take care how to make an immersive experience for you and your clients!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Edverse is a virtual platform designed for remote education, collaboration, and events. It provides users with an immersive experience that simulates real-life interactions and environments, with a focus on enhancing the learning experience.

Edverse offers different pricing plans based on the number of sessions. The pricing plans range from Basic, which supports up to 25 concurrent users, to Enterprise, which supports up to 1000+ concurrent users. The pricing plans can be billed monthly or annually, with discounts available for annual plans.

The Basic plan includes access to the virtual world platform, customizable avatar creation, private and public spaces, spatial audio, and screen sharing. Additional features, such as recording and streaming, advanced analytics, and custom branding, are also available

Yes, Edverse offers a free trial period for potential customers to test out the platform before committing to a paid plan. The trial period includes unlimited free access to the platform for 1 hour.

Edverse accepts payment via UPI, credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.

Edverse offers email support, as well as phone and chat support. Additionally, there is a knowledge base and community forum available for users to access resources and support.