increase in new subscribers


increase in webinar registrations


boost in audience engagement through webinar tools


attendee rate post-registration (20% increase over previous)

About Recruin

Product: Metaverse Platform, Virtual Webinars Platform

Use Cases: Demand Generation, Talent Acquisition

Industry: Talent Advisory and HR Consulting

Recruin is the largest Talent Acquisitions agency for Web3, Tech and AI. They have successfully placed over 10,000 candidates within their ecosystem. And leverage a team with over 200+ man years of experience in Technology & Leadership recruitment.


As a talent acquisition and advisory firm, Recruin has always endeavored to identify and place the brightest minds in emerging tech companies. With a deep understanding of crypto and blockchain technologies, Recruin uses online workshops and seminars to support the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, educate jobseekers and give them the exposure they need in a metaverse environment. They are the first recruitment agency to educate job seekers in the Metaverse.

Using the Edverse Webinars platform, they successfully expanded their subscriber base and followers while significantly improving their engagement and reach. Moreover, Recruin is actively supporting the adoption of the Metaverse and sharing valuable insights on securing employment opportunities within prominent tech companies.


The team at Recruin has been hosting workshops and events and using webinar software as the standard – to reach the market

However, their organizations faced problems like:

  • No on-demand webinars or support for audiences unable to watch live streaming events.

  • A smooth registration process followed by an easy time checking into the event or meetup.

  • Not having any established mode of audience interaction, leading to a one-sided approach taking place.

  • Unable to hold large-scale or multi-day online webinars that can yield better results for talent and client engagements.

They recognized that specific challenges such as these impeded their firm’s progress in certain areas. And they acknowledged that a virtual webinar platform could effectively address these issues by providing a platform to showcase their expertise. Furthermore, they realized that it could revolutionize how they engage with candidates and establish brand awareness.

“Leveraging the Edverse platform’s online webinars, we have been able to create tailored content that meets the expectations of our audiences. This unique Metaverse experience has allowed us to engage with over 150,000 jobseekers within our ecosystem and deliver the content they seek.”

- Zhanna Manzyk, Head of Operations MENA & International Business.


Edverse wasted no time in getting the team started with a custom Virtual webinar experience so that they could scale their workshops and meets from their previous usage during events with the webinar software.

After familiarizing themselves with the Webinar platform, the presentation tools, and the other workings, the team at Recruin decided to host three sessions centered around Web3 and the world of tech.

Hosting world-renowned experts such as Dr. Sujit Roy and Kimberly Adams, Recruin saw the sessions unfold with the virtual rooms brimming with users from all over while others watched the live stream online. The team’s favorite aspects of the Virtual online webinars on Edverse included the following:

  • The immersive design:

    This led to an enhanced level of interactivity they had not experienced in previous webinars, where participants could live-chat while performing actions and gestures as responses while seated as 3D avatars in the rooms

  • The Streamlined Process:

    From watching participants join the rooms for their webinars securely using codes to registering for the sessions with no hassles proved to be much easier than handling a dozen or more squares on any other webinar software.

“We have gained a fresh perspective on the significance of webinars for our audience. It is an exhilarating period for Recruin as we have contributed persistently to adopting the Metaverse through virtual seminars. Also, by sharing exclusive insights, we aim to empower our jobseekers in their pursuit of securing their dream job.”

- Zhanna Manzyk, Head of Operations MENA & International Business.


Since having used the Edverse Webinar Platform, the team at Recruin has seen a:

28% increase in new subscribers

40% increase in webinar registrations

35% boost in audience engagement through webinar tools

Their online webinars saw a 70% attendee rate after the registrations had finished, which was a jump of 20% over the previous average. And according to the team, it greatly boosted their brand awareness in the community and overall audience engagement.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual webinar platform is a software tool that enables users to host webinars that are 3D and not locked to 2D webinars. It has all the typical services of online seminars and includes added features such as digital avatars, 3D environments, interactive tools and gestures making any event hosted on the platform highly immersive for the audience.

Virtual onboarding refers to the initial training and introductory phase rolled out by an organization for employees who have been newly hired into the company.

A key difference that separates virtual onboarding from in-person onboarding is that the former is cost-effective and much more engaging. Plus, it is more accessible and can be useful to reach remote workers or on separate occasions.

To access the Metaverse through Edverse, all you need is a computer system with a working connection and a browser installed. It’s that simple!