Choose the right use case for Metaverse Learning and Educational Progress.

Online Classes and Lectures

Teach your students and hold online classes with an in-person appeal in virtual classrooms.

Collaborative Learning

Enable students to work together on assignments and projects and enhance their group skills.

Professional Development

Upskill educators and train teaching personnel with skills and refreshers on new developments.

Extracurricular Activities

Utilize the virtual classroom platforms to provide classes on music, art, and various extracurriculars.

Personalized Courses

Develop specific learning courses based on data analytics and targeted feedback for individual cases, as Edverse enables student collaborations.

Parent-teacher Meets

Aside from enabling student collaborations, the Metaverse classroom also provides an excellent alternative to communicating with your student’s parents with in-person interactions.

A Metaverse Education Platform that conforms to your expectations.

With an immersive 3D experience for your online meetups that your audience will love and deliver the results you need.

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Online Classes in a Virtual Classroom for Immersive Learning

Watch how Metaverse Learning can transform your future teaching sessions and how you hold classes online.

  • Virtual classrooms

    Upgrade from regular online software and grid-like experiences to immersive classroom platforms with 3D environments.

  • Immersive Learning Platform

    Overcome remote interactions and ensure continuity of learning with an in-person touch.

  • Educational Resources

    Gain access to various 3D and 2D educational assets on our Metaverse education platform to enhance your teaching skills further.

Extracurriculars in Metaverse Classrooms

Extracurricular activities outside the student’s usual range of academic focus are essential to complete a well-rounded education course for students of all ages. Explore the range of extracurricular activities made possible on a Metaverse learning platform.

  • Book clubs and debate clubs in a virtual, shared space.

  • Coding and computer science classes in online labs.

  • Art and music classes to teach theory and important lessons.

  • Language courses that enable students to learn new languages and cultures.

  • Virtual field trips to let students virtually visit historical sites through Metaverse classrooms.

E-Learning platform with an exclusive asset library

Access the largest repository of Modules and Assets created for Metaverse Learning. And use them as you see fit to enhance your online courses, lectures, and workshops.

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    3D module with accurate design

  • image


    Animation with the latest information

  • image


    Diverse Assessment items

  • image


    Simulations for training virtually

Specialized courses and Interactions on
an Immersive learning platform with Edverse.

Watch and learn about how Edverse enables Metaverse learning and can help student development through virtually immersive settings.

Collaborative Learning

Equip your students with the tools they need with 3D modules and other important resources as they work together and collaborate on assignments.

Personalized Learning

Customize each student’s learning material and progression and deploy assessment items to gain feedback, promote student collaboration and track progress.


Parent-teacher Interactions

Improve students' academic outcomes with improved attendance and behaviour by interacting with the parents in virtual classrooms.

A Virtual Learning Platform for Professional Development

Deliver professional opportunities to educators and the chance to develop in their field while interacting in various ways.


Virtual Webinars and Courses

Host webinars created using virtual classroom software to teach courses in the 3D shared spaces of Edverse’s online education platform.


Collaboration and Sharing

The virtual learning platform can be utilized to share resources between professional educators and subject experts and tackle challenges by collaborating.


Mentoring and Peer Guidance

Make use of the virtual classroom settings to coach and mentor in situations where experienced educators can guide new and young educators or colleagues.


Virtual Conferences

Schools and institutes can host virtual workshops and conferences to bring educators together and have them share their best practices and knowledge on an immersive learning platform.

Important Attributes and Features of the
Virtual Learning Platform

Customizable virtual classroom

Customizable virtual classroom

Host online learning courses and teach students in sessions powered by virtual classroom software – that can be customized to plan for discussions, lectures and other events.

Digital Avatars

Digital Avatars

Discover numerous options for educators and learners to create and join a class as digital avatars representing them.

Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Choose from various assets and learning modules that have been expertly created to aid teachers in delivering an engaging and informative experience.

Secure Environment

Secure Environment

Regular safety and compliance testing ensures that the virtual platform is a secure and safe space, protecting all conversations and data on students, educators and institutes.

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning

The immersive learning platform on Edverse delivers an interactive learning experience to students as they join as avatars and engage in activities, chat freely over voice and text, join breakout spaces and emote or gesture to express themselves.

Data and Feedback

Data and Feedback

Track your class's or individual students' progress with smart assessments and share the feedback to improve them and keep their parents informed.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Question.

A virtual learning platform is an online education space built to be immersive and interactive for students and educators. It can provide educational resources and tools and includes several features and virtual spaces to facilitate learning and academic activities.

In most cases, all that is required to access the virtual classrooms for all activities is your personal computer with its mic, camera, and stable internet. Our team will provide the information you need to host or navigate accordingly.

The Edverse platform has a range of strong and tested security measures, including encryptions and authentication requirements. Similarly, educators can establish clear guidelines for online behaviour and monitor their students' activity to prevent any inappropriate behaviour or conduct.

Yes, on Edverse, you can track and analyze each of your student's progress from the data and feedback collected from assessments. You can host quizzes and get live responses from students to modulate your course appropriately and adjust your instructions.