Edverse Virtual World


Edverse is Powered By:

The Edverse token, which is created on the Polygon network, aims to have excellent scalability, security,
and high throughput to facilitate millions of daily transactions for an enterprise Metaverse.

EDV token

Edverse Token

The Edverse token will be traded between various stakeholders on an enterprise Metaverse.



The Metaverse Platform of Edverse will be built on a safe, secure, fast and a carbon negative blockchain: Polygon



NFTs have built-in authentication, to prove ownership of assets like land on a Metaverse platform, 3D education

The 4 key stakeholders i.e., the Educators, Learners, Creators and Promoters

of Edverse interact with each other and on the Metaverse platform with the EDV token as the key driver.

Educator | Teach to Earn

Access the Ed-NFT library | Teach using 3D models and virtual tours | Launch and monetize your courses

Creator | Create 2 Earn

Use a host of creator tools | Create & publish assets | Rent and sell your Ed-NFTs on the marketplace

Learner | Learn 2 Earn

Track Learning Journeys | Admission in Insitutions | Learn whatever you desire, from whoever you aspire

Promoter | Build 2 Earn

Invest & lease your Edverse plot of land | Build a virtual learning centre | Assess & track your students & educators