A Virtual Meeting Room shaped after your own.

Because nothing beats joining a fimiliar workshop space to make you feel at home.


Digital Avatar

Change outfits, shoes, and hairstyles on the fly as you find the perfect fit for your online persona


Virtual Roundtable and Environment

Tailor your ideal collaboration space, with full control over the environment and settings for a productive and inspiring work atmosphere.


Multipurpose and Efficient

Customize your presentation room to accommodate other programs that are on your mind and watch the events unfold without requiring much prep or redesign.


A handy Digital Twin

Ensure a smooth transition from offline to remote meets with a replica of your existing meeting space, enabling seamless remote team collaboration. Experience the convenience of converting participants to remote meetings effortlessly.

Connected and Interactive Presentation Room: Elevate Collaborative Experiences Online

Optimize virtual team collaboration in remote stand-up meetings and sessions, fostering human-like interactions. Stay seamlessly connected online virtual boardroom for group meets.


Transform Remote Work with Digital Boardrooms for Engaging Virtual Collaboration

Unite employees and distributed teams in virtual collaboration spaces for conferencing, presentations, strategy discussions, and remote collaboration. Build a strong work culture that transcends physical offices, fostering productivity and connectivity for building a cohesive and productive remote work environment.

  • Team Meetings

    Embrace remote team collaboration with colleagues and partners. Connect from anywhere for important board meetings, team summits, and productive one-on-one meets, fostering engagement and effective communication.

  • Hiring and Reviews

    A digital boardroom also doubles up as an excellent space for you to conduct employee evaluations, panel interviews, and performance reviews while being virtually online.

  • Presentations

    Leverage virtual roundtable space for project updates, pitches, and marketing work, promoting seamless virtual team collaboration. Utilize presentation tools like PowerPoints, pointers, and visual aids for engaging and impactful sessions.

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Ignite Productivity: Break the mundane with an Engaging Collaboration Space

No matter what activity you’re using the room for, whether for an NGO or even in the
healthcare field, the benefits are sure to make you a fan of our Virtual Meeting Rooms.

  • Reduction to Costs

    Save on travel costs and other expenses by starting digital boardrooms that allow for remote attendance instead of physical meets.

  • Security

    Join VR meeting rooms designed with safety features that prevent confidential information from being leaked or any person from entering without a code to the rooms you host.

  • Higher Productivity

    Facilitate remote team collaboration for increased in-house efficiency. Real-time collaboration minimizes meeting time, leading to improved productivity and effective communication among team members.

Take charge of your Virtual Boardroom sessions with these
exciting features from the team at Edverse:

3D Sounds and Voice

3D Sounds and Voice

While at a digital workshop or presentation, you’ll experience audio that’s binaural and directional voices from the other attendees. The audio can also get louder or quieter, depending on the user’s distance from its source.

Visual Aids

Visual Aids

Access familiar tools in the collaborative space: PowerPoint slides, sticky notes, laser pointers, image charts, screen sharing, and more for engaging presentations.

Virtual Realism

Virtual Realism

Experience room designs and customizable environments that are crafted per your requirements and match the styles you need. And mingle amongst other users through a series of actions and gestures mimicking real-life interactions.

Online Personas

Online Personas

Have your employees or partners join your Virtual Meeting Room, using digital avatars to represent them while in the online meeting. With each part of the Avatar being customizable – including their hairstyles, clothes, color, gender, and appearance.

Fine-tune your Session

Fine-tune your Session

Change how your meeting room looks like, the settings, and the tone to either match your org. or establishment. Plus, customize the main experience of those in attendance by having full control over the content being presented to them

Record and Share

Record and Share

Revisit the important moments of a meeting and sift through the decisions taken with a seamless recording capability in your digital boardroom. And share highlights or any important documents or data freely with secure access to the event.

Take an exciting peek at the
Virtual Boardrooms designed by Edverse

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Read up on some common FAQs about Virtual
Boardrooms on Edverse.

Virtual boardrooms, roundtables, or even meeting spaces are designed and function as 3D, immersive environments. Users signing up for a virtual roundtable or workshop on Edverse enter the platform as digital avatars interacting in open environments. At the same time, they talk – instead of being limited to discussions over square grids and boxes on other boardroom software.

Enhance virtual team collaboration with immersive meeting rooms or roundtables. Convenient remote participation reduces costs while fostering engagement. Interact with speakers and hosts, exchanging ideas and improving collaboration. Embrace virtual team collaboration for impactful remote experiences.

Currently, no. You can connect to virtual boardroom sessions on Edverse only through your browsers while using a PC or laptop, ensuring optimal quality and experience for all.

Yes, you can absolutely record the session you’re hosting on your virtual boardroom on Edverse.

As a user, you’ll receive a meeting ID specific to your boardroom to join a session. And you can host sessions from our site as Edverse to create sessions of your own and distribute the ID to select attendees before they begin.