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Deliver a Virtual Show as a TEDx Talk that Inspires and Informs

Edverse provides a platform for speakers and experts to organize remote TED talks and reach a broader audience. Reimagine and recreate all that makes in-person events special and leverage the power of a Virtual platform to amplify your message:

  • Share ideas and experiences freely

  • Connect with a global, extended audience

  • Cover a wide range of subjects or topics

  • Present on a range of important issues

  • Highlight diverse voices and disciplines

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Turn Virtual Talk Sessions to Your Advantage

And host an online conference with your unique perspective and experience on a range of topics to choose from.

Establish your Credibility

Gain recognition for your remote TED talk and establish yourself as an expert in your field and professional circles.

Connect with Thought Leaders

Virtual discussions like in a TED Talk show will bring speakers together from different backgrounds and disciplines and opportunities to network with others in the field.

Develop Your Skills

Improve your skills at presenting ideas with a clear and focused narrative as you become more efficient and effective as a speaker or presenter.

A Remote TED Talk Set in a Unique Metaverse Space

Present all you have researched, developed and learnt as a virtual lecture or a Metaverse talk show on the Edverse platform with engaging presentations, captivating visual aids and interactive moments.


Present a Compelling and Clear Message
with every Virtual Talk

Keep your audience tuned in and engaged with effective storytelling in your Virtual TED talk show: With a message that’s both memorable and easy to grasp.

  • Visual Aids

    Make use of a variety of visual aids and other online conference tools designed for the platform’s virtual settings and for enabling virtual discussions.

  • Engaging presentation

    A bold and memorable presentation or virtual discussion is key for a successful, remote TED talk, and the platform allows you to interact and communicate more visually through its immersive features.

  • Interactive Moments

    Edverse enables you to bring a unique prespective and way of approaching your topic or conversation as you customize the platform's space and settings as per your needs and program.

Discover the benefits of holding Virtual Talk sessions on a Metaverse Platfrom

A successful Virtual TED talk can leave your audience feeling motivated and informed while correctly grasping the crux of your message. And a Metaverse platform offers several benefits that can be crucial to having a successful Virtual TED talk show

  • More Accessible

    With your TED talk shows going virtual, many more from your audiences will be able to attend, regardless of where they are from. This would enable you to interact with those who can’t attend a live event due to various constraints.

  • Innovative Tools and Formats

    On the platform, you can integrate elements that will make your virtual lecture or talks – interactive. Opening up your audience to greater creativity and enhancing their overall experience.

  • Flexible

    When it comes to Virtual talks, you can be a lot more flexible regarding the schedule and time you set, as well as have the ability to deliver a live TED talk from anywhere.

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Learn more about the Powerful Features
driving your Virtual TED Talk

Digital Avatars

Digital Avatars

Customize and set forth onto Edverse with digital personas and avatars. Where you can host and interact with all participants in an immersed manner and avoid having to stick with square-gridded online conversations.

Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio

Navigate the 3D interface and environments with realistic sounds and audio space. Users can hear and listen to others conversing during the Virtual Talk from different angles and directions as they move around, enhancing the overall immersiveness.

Interactive Environment

Interactive Environment

Restructure the platform's virtual space into a room or hall that's perfect for your remote TED talk, complete with all the visual elements and settings you would imagine your session to incorporate.

Assessment Tools and Feedback

Assessment Tools and Feedback

Interact with your audience and other users, and enable them to participate in providing feedback during your online conference or talk with Q&A sessions live polls, chats and quizzes.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Optimize your talk sessions with virtual talks and save on expenditures like renting venues, logistics, rental, production expenses and other costs.

Presentation Tools

Presentation Tools

Choose from various multimedia tools and content to help boost the impact of your remote TED talk and rely on Edverse to fill the gap for your visual aid requirements.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Question.

A metaverse platform is a virtual, immersive space where users can interact within a three-dimensional environment. It can expand or contract to fit multiple use cases and create digital, virtual versions of several events powered by features like digital avatars, spatial audio, customizable environment and more.

Hosting a Virtual Talk like a TED talk or session on a metaverse platform will enable a range of new benefits for the already popular medium, along with having the opportunity to reach a wider audience, create a more memorable experience, propped up by the interactive and immersive features of the Metaverse.

You can promote your Virtual TED talk that will be hosted on a Metaverse platform by using social media channels and online marketing groups relevant to your topic and program. Ultimately, by reaching out to like-minded audiences and thought leaders that are part of the same community as yours.

The technical requirements for hosting a remote TED talk aren’t long. In fact, depending on the platform, like with Edverse, all you would require would be to have a laptop with a clear camera and a working mic. Along with that, a stable connection to the internet so that there are no lags or issues while joining or communicating.

Yes, to watch a show or TED talk on Edverse, you don’t need to own or use a VR headset, The broadcast or streaming version of the session can be viewed on a regular screen. Also, you can experience the immersive and interactive moments without even a need for VR headset. Simply log in using your computer and experience the virtual sessions on Edverse.

To ensure that your virtual TED talk on the platform is accessible to all who want to attend, you must ensure that the log-in code and instructions have been correctly posted online on your socials and also in your emails. You can also choose to live-broadcast or stream your TED talk for your public audiences to watch or in case the number of attendees exceeds the initial audience group you had invited.