Hone your Online Workshop skills for Digital Audiences.

Enable your remote workshop with a broader reach and space beyond traditional online events for digital training and learning. And discover new ways to refine your approach in fostering growth and development for all participants.


Knowledge Sharing

Share knowledge, skills and best practices with others seeking to learn from professionals in their fields.



Discover a common ground for like-minded individuals to discover professional relations and opportunities.


Team building and inclusion

Strenghthen working relationships and enable team members to collaborate effectively through a virtual workshop.


Individual progress

Provide a rich space for participants to improve individually through self-reflection and personal interests.

Leverage the strengths of Digital Workshops

Transfer your real-world expertise and skills in hosting workshops onto our platform and discover a digital space that offers enhanced, virtual reality workshop capabilities.

  • Professional development

    Stage your online workshop to help participants develop professionally through practical skill-building activities.

  • Increased interactivity

    Enable all attendees with the tools to work efficiently and effectively and deliver better outcomes for organizations and individuals.

  • Digital training

    Teach participants with a hands-on approach to various topics with activities in interactive workshops.

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Try hosting your first Interactive Virtual Workshop on Edverse

And engage your participants in a range of interactive activities on a virtual reality-powered Metaverse platform that changes to suit your requirements and goals.

Discover a vast range of Benifits to hosting Virtual Workshops

With activities like active learning and exchanging ideas, skills and learning opportunities become more accessible in digital workshops as opposed to traditional events.

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    an average higher attendance rates

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    cheaper to produce virtually

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    organizers report higher engagements

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    respondants prefre them as an alternative

Keep everyone tuned in to your Remote Workshops Online

Host an online session on our platform and leverage its features to deliver practical skills, knowledge and digital training to your audience. And deliver a virtual experience that’s equally engaging with all the best tenets that make for an interactive workshop on Edverse.

Relevant Content

See that your remote workshop’s content stays engaging and practical, with clear objectives.

Active Participation

Encourage active participation from all who attend your interactive workshops through immersive activities on the platform.

Positive Environment

Establish a positive virtual space for digital training where your participants feel comfortable sharing ideas, asking questions and talking.

Explore the features powering Virtual
Workshops on Edverse

Customizable virtual classroom

Flexible design

Change how your digital workshop looks and appears for all who attend with quickly customized assets and environments.

Digital Avatars


Watch participants flock to your online workshops from anywhere, allowing many more to participate in a diverse manner.

Learning Resources

Multimedia support

Present from a variety of multimedia tools and content available or have them created especially for your workshop, for digital training and learning.

Secure Environment

Cost Effective

Save on essential costs and host effective online workshops with lowered production costs like venue rental, catering, and more.

Immersive Learning


Create interactive workshops with immersive features, including Q&A sessions, chat spaces, breakout rooms and polls – all while engaging with your audience as digital avatars.

Data and Feedback

Data tracking

Gain valuable insights and data on your remote workshop, such as participation, attendance levels, feedback and more for future improvements.

Manage your Metaverse Workshop with Ease

Active participation is an important function of Metaverse workshops and is marked by activities during the session where participants engage in exercises, discussions and problem-solving. Discover how Edverse enables you to guide your participants through the session and expertly facilitate your event:


A Clear

  • Be confident with your workshop objectives and communicate them to partcipants.

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and practical
  • Boost your online workshop with a seamless curriculum and activities.



and Reflection
  • Improve future workshops while collecting important feedback from all partcipants.

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FAQ-Frequently Asked Question.

You can make your own virtual workshops using the Edverse platform. And try a demo based on what is more suited to your needs or goal by signing up and hosting a workshop for free with Edverse.

Yes! And to keep things simple for you, with Edverse, you would require to connect through your computer’s browser with stable internet. Our team will provide the workshop solution online, and you can then join your event with your participants for that day.

Keeping a clear agenda for the workshop and carefully communicating it to participants usually helps host attentive audiences. Plus, you should be able to use the interactive features of the Edverse platform to have your guests participate as they chime in for discussions and sessions and interact using their avatars.

On Edverse, you don’t require any special tools or equipment when you log in to host a workshop except for your computer with a microphone and a stable connection to the internet. We handle all the design work and provide the know-how based on your case or situation.