Optimize for a Virtual Product Launch and Digital Audiences

Take your brand’s merchandise beyond the online space as you go global. With a Virtual event that’s best suited to display your product in its full splendor with an interactive showcase – while you cover the bases.

  • Reach a wider community

    Transform your online product launch plans to virtual events and reach a broader group of audiences.

  • Cross physical barriers

    Stop being limited to physical events with Virtual Product Launch programs on Edverse.

  • Increased product visibility

    With your digital product launch allowing you to host audiences from far and wide.

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Tell more about your products on Edverse with our Online Exhibition Platform.

With an online exhibition platform, as you reach a wider audience through interactive demos. And sell more products while you spend less.



Delivering a virtual product launch will always be more cost-effective than hosting a physical event.


Greater participation

The interactive features of a virtual showroom will ensure greater interest.


Reduced operational expenses

Save on logistical costs, resources, and venue rentals with a cost-effective online digital product launch.


Interactive experiences

Present an immersive experience to audiences through live chats, digital avatars, branding opportunities, and more, enhancing your digital product launch.

Blend the best of Physical and Virtual Showrooms for your Brand

On Edverse, you can upgrade your product rollout strategy to use a physical exhibition for your brand’s audiences and complement it with an interactive demo of the product as a virtual product launch event.

Features that will power your Virtual
Product Launch on Edverse:

Immersive Experience

3D Virtual Elements

Delivers an immersive experience to audiences by introducing them as personalized digital avatars in a 3D virtual showroom.

Interactive and Engaging

Live Streaming

Live-streams your new product launch from the virtual event to other groups and audiences.

Spatial sound design

Interactive Tools

Hosts virtual showrooms for your product with interactive tools such as polls, live Q&A sessions, and dynamic options such as gestures and voice chat.

Multimedia support

Networking Opportunities

Allows the participants to connect with each other or the host through chats or voice-proximity conversations as part of the interactive showcase.

Automate the workflow

Analytics and Data

Provides you with detailed analytics and metrics about participation rate, audience reactions, and more to help gauge the data and optimize your online product launch strategy.

Customizable Onboarding Spaces

Customizable Environments

The Virtual Showroom or event for your online product launch can be customized to include your branding, choice of designs, and layout with interactive showcase capabilities and a memorable experience.

Why turn your Product Launch – Virtual?

Discover how you can leverage Virtually Launching Products on Edverse



products with ease
  • Utilize the virtual showroom’s ‘interactive showcase’ capabilities to display your product’s features beautifully.

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a lot more buzz!
  • Increase your brand’s visibility and attract audiences across new



Stronger Relationships
  • Strengthen relations with stakeholders and customers for a loyal

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Deliver a Memorable Experience with a Virtual Product Launch event.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers with an immersive experience for the audience – As we craft a unique and interactive showcase for your new product launch!

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FAQs about Edverse as a Metaverse Platform for
Business, Education and Gatherings.

A Metaverse platform is a virtual online space that enables people to interact and engage – meet with one another remotely and from any place they choose. It can be used for various purposes, including virtual activities supported on the platform.

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