Improve Participation in Virtual Classroom

How to Improve Participation in Your Virtual Classroom

Education technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It has led to the massive adoption of e-learning.

Decentralized Learning

How Decentralized Learning will Reshape the Educational Economy

Learn to earn and play to earn along with the metaverse economy are some of the new terms being tossed around recently. These

NFTs and Metaverse

NFTs and Metaverse: The Powerful Web 3.0 tools Accelerating virtual education

The education sector is ushering towards technological resources, aiding it to revolutionize and get a better shape.

The EdTech

education with web 3.0

What transformation to be expected in education with web 3.0?

The education system is constantly changing, and things are getting online.

The education system is continuously evolving, and

metaverse in education solutions

Edverse Offers Impactful and Holistic Metaverse in Education Solutions

The education sector has significantly changed between snails' pace and horse galloping.

Advanced technologies like metaverse in

virtual reality in education

How Virtual Reality in Education is Transforming Learning - Metaverse Edition

  • The global Virtual Reality market is slated to reach $20.9 billion by 2025. (Markets and Markets)
  • Fortune Business Insights