Biogas Plant Model

Biogas Plant Model - Learn the Working of Biogas Plant in 3D Metaverse

Energy is an important chapter for science students. Due to the increase in global warming and pollution, the search for clean and renewable energy sources is increasing. Biogas is a good example of a

Layers of the earth

Layers of the Earth – Earth's Structure with Diagram and 3D Model

The Earth is a fantastic place, and humans have been studying it since its creation. For centuries, scientists have been trying to find out more about the world around them.

There is more to the Earth's

animal  cell 3d model

Animal Cell 3D Model – Definition, Parts, Structure, and Diagram in Metaverse

Cells are the basic building blocks. All life is made up of cells. All plant and animal cells are made up of cells. There are several differences between animal and plant cells, including their struct

solar system 3D model

Solar System 3D Model - Learn Solar System in Metaverse

Our solar system is located in an outer spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy. The solar system consists of the Sun and everything that orbits or travels around, the Sun.

The major players in our solar s

Plant Cell 3D Model

Plant Cell 3D Model – Definition, Parts, Structure, and Diagram in Metaverse

The cell is the most basic and important part of all living things. There are different types of cells and can be classified as per their structure and function. 

The cells present in an animal are di