Learn to Earn: How Learners Can Earn While Studying in Metaverse

learn 2 earn metaverse

Learn2Earn -Technological advances are progressing rapidly. They are changing how we study, work and earn. The new age is dawning and bringing with it new work and earning models.

The metaverse is one such technology being hailed for its path-breaking possibilities. It is blending our physical and virtual lives in an interconnected network spanning blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, NFTs etc. Many people would be surprised to hear the metaverse attracts loads of investments. Not only are that, creators gaining from the tremendous revenue generation models it is throwing up.

One can even earn while playing games. What could be more fun than that!!

The gaming market is estimated to be worth $268.8 billion by 2025 and has over 2 billion gamers. (Statista)

The potential to earn from games is hence huge.

The rush for digital gold in the metaverse space has just begun. The mirror world is attracting interest from corporates to start-ups, celebrities and even inpiduals. Everyone wants to avail of the first mover advantage. With so much interest and revenue generation, multiple ways to earn money are arising. People are opting for virtual jobs or creating content in education, arts and entertainment and making them into revenue streams.

The Metaverse Opportunity

The metaverse will usher in new trade dynamics and will bring in greater equity with decentralization. New technologies will emerge and bring in more changes to enterprise solutions and educational models. It will revolutionise the way we learn, work, connect and live.

Let’s assess what the market trends forecast:

  • The Metaverse revenue totalled $500 billion in 2020 and is likely to touch $800 billion by 2024.(Bloomberg)
  • JP Morgan is optimistic and suggests that the metaverse will be a $1 trillion market shortly.
  • As soon as 2026, 30% of companies will establish their presence in the metaverse (luisazhou. Com)
  • As far as the education market goes, Globe News Wire analyses that the metaverse opportunity was valued at $4.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase to $ 94.9 billion by 2030.

Big tech companies realise the potential and futuristic opportunities that will be available in the metaverse. Facebook, Microsoft, and Nvidia are prime examples of the big giants who are foraying into the metaverse. With expanding business investments, there will be new professions and avenues to earn money in the metaverse. Some of the most trending concepts currently include play2earn and learn2earn.

Earning Opportunities in the Metaverse- Learn to Earn

The metaverse will usher in transformational changes to the education domain. Educational institutes have recognised the power of technologies like AR and VR and are setting up institutes in the metaverse to expand their offerings. The way we perceive online education will change as it shifts into the mirror world. The learn to earn tokenomics will finance education in the metaverse. Let’s clear our concept on education tokenomics.


To start with, let’s combine the words token and economics, and we get the word tokenomics. So, it’s got to do with the economy. The particular economy here revolves around crypto projects. Tokenomics assesses the metrics that make a cryptocurrency valuable and tracks facets like coin creation, management, removal, etc. In traditional economies, certain banks are the authorised issuers of currencies. With blockchain networks and cryptocurrency, inpiduals can now create their micro-economies. Tokenomics hence refers to the monetary policies applied in blockchain networks.

Regarding education, in future scenarios, educational institutes would also most likely launch their currencies. Education will be decentralised, and with the impact of tokenomics, we might witness free education for all.

Can Students Learn to Earn in the Metaverse?

NFTs that are the primary token of ownership in the blockchain economy will be a primary model to earn and spend money in the metaverse. Students can put their skills and learning to use and earn NFTs.

  1. If students have learnt game development, they can easily create games in the metaverse. As the game gathers more players, the income of the game developer will proportionately rise. Apart from the learn-to-earn, the play-to-earn model is also gaining traction. It rewards
  2. With advances in use, institutes can confer NFTs or other digital tokens to students as rewards for their academic achievements, which can be traded in the metaverse.
  3. Talent scouting will also gain traction; students can interact with companies in the metaverse for jobs after completing their education.
  4. The metaverse will also need developers to realize the vision of the investors. Students can learn to earn metaverse development and can make profitable careers. You can read here how to invest in metaverse?
  5. Virtual Architecture and Interior designing are other booming trends.  Companies and educational institutes purchase land and buildings. They would require professionals to build these places into functional and aesthetic spaces suited to the requirements.
  6. Avatars will represent people in the metaverse. That will be a huge opportunity for students who have animation, graphic designing and video editing skills.
  7. Memes can also be a revenue stream as they enjoy a huge fan following.
  8. Similarly, content creators for almost all sectors will be required to develop content for various sectors. Content reviewers, content strategists, Influencer marketers, and even metaverse map and guide creators will all be in demand.
  9. NFT creators’ and even NFT counsellors who can advise people about NFTs will be profitable career streams.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when we consider the professions and career avenues that will be available in the metaverse. Students from school to higher education can use their skills to generate income in the metaverse.

Wrapping Up

The learn-to-earn economy will change the current dynamics of how businesses work and employer-employee relations. Education, too, will bring innovations with decentralization and democratization. The knowledge economy will thrive, and students will not be restricted from learning due to physical and geographical boundaries. Also, with lower entry barriers to running income streams from learn- to- earn model, students will be able to put their skills to use and fund their education as well.

The virtual economy will throw up many more exciting opportunities. Students and content creators can learn about revenue generation metaverse skills and begin their learn to earn journey.

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